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Grow Your Regional Laundry Business with Private Labeling

Retailers everywhere are feeling the ongoing pressures of inflation, labor crunches, supply chain constraints, and market volatility. Many–including retail laundry companies–are taking a hard look at ways to cut costs, streamline operations, and open up new streams of revenue.

If that describes your business, don’t overlook private labeling. 

Putting your brand on a competitively priced laundry cleaning chemical can help you grow your business and increase your gross.

And Seatex can be the experienced partner you need to get started.

Why Private Labeling Is a Smart Choice

Whether it’s laundry products, cleaners, or something else, private labeling carries a wide array of benefits for retailers. You get the opportunity to…


…and more. 

Customers, in turn, receive a high-quality product at a low price. And the economics become even more of a factor during inflationary periods of the kind the world has been enduring post-COVID. 

As consumer intelligence company Nielsen IQ has reported, markets seeing the highest inflation are also seeing some of the fastest growth in private labeling. Consumers are seeking ways to save money on their bills, and skipping brand-name products for private labeled alternatives is one easy way to do that. 

According to Insider Intelligence by eMarketer, simply offering your own line of products can influence consumers to shop with you. If you can convince them to switch to your private labeled product–which is easier than you might think, as Insider Intelligence found two out of three customers attribute high quality to private labels of brands they like–those customers are not likely to switch back to a higher-priced brand name competitor, even if inflation eases.

How Seatex Helps You Grow Your Brand Through Private Labeling

A reliable partner like Seatex streamlines the process of getting winning laundry products bearing your brand into your customers’ hands. Here’s a few ways that we do it:

Innovating New Products

The world of laundry chemicals is as dynamic as any sector in the industry, with customer needs changing rapidly and often dramatically. As demand rises for formulas that use less water, are more ecologically sound, require fewer rinses, and more, a manufacturer’s ability to innovate–and to secure scarce resources with which to do so–becomes crucial. And that’s just what you’ll find at Seatex.

For example, we have the capability to manufacture and private label a 24-hour antimicrobial sanitizer, which has become an extremely popular disinfectant vehicle in recent years. We also own our own bottle molds, solving one of the biggest difficulties many retailers face when trying to private label laundry products.

Extensive Formulation Library and Industry Experience

Whether you’ve identified a common formulation or a niche chemical as the product that fits your private branding strategy, you’ll find it within the Seatex library. We are well-versed in producing and/or packing a wide variety of laundry chemicals, including:

  • detergents
  • softeners
  • spotters
  • sanitizers

Optimizing Logistics and Transport from Our Multiple Locations

Since overproduced items can’t be resold somewhere else, excess inventory is a serious consideration in private labeling. From our locations in and around Houston with quick access to rail lines, major highways, multiple ports, and one of the largest airports in the nation, we can facilitate just-in-time product delivery to keep you in just the right amount of stock. 

You also have flexibility and control in where and when shipments are delivered, and constant visibility into the process.

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