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Chemicals Manufacturing

Although some of our customers think of us as primarily a chemical blender, Seatex boasts the physical assets and mechanical capabilities to handle the toughest R&D and manufacturing challenges industrial companies face. Combine them with our good manufacturing practices certification and HSE policies, and our integration with packaging services, and you have a truly one-stop-shop at your disposal. 

Seatex is able to deliver industrial chemicals of any complexity, ranging from simple compounds (e.g. free-flowing, non-foaming) to dangerous formulations, such as flammable or toxic materials. We pride ourselves on our custom services that may demand non-standard equipment or unique capabilities. 

For these projects, we can work within your capital investment parameters to secure necessary equipment when capex is limited, and help you avoid lengthy capital approval cycles and bring your product to market with speed.

Serving Multiple Industrial Markets

Coatings, Adhesives, Sealants, and Elastomers

CASE chemicals touch a huge range of industries, and Seatex is equipped to manufacture them all.

  • Corrosion inhibitors
  • Flame retardants
  • Concrete sealants
  • Epoxy resins
  • Latex blending

Household, Industrial, and Institutional Cleaning

Seatex Jan/San (janitorial/sanitation) supplies deliver premier dirt- and germ-fighting power. 

  • Degreasers
  • Odor counteractants
  • EPA sanitizers and disinfectants
  • Detergents

Lubricants and Metalworking

Use Seatex fluids to improve operations in your machining, grinding, metal cleaning, and many other industrial applications.

  • Solvent blending
  • Base oil blending
  • Moisture scavengers
  • Emulsifier and surfactant formulations
  • Rheology modifiers

Seatex Industrial Chemical Services in Action

These are just a few examples of ways that Seatex has met the needs of different types of industrial customers:

Stateside Service for a Foreign-based Vendor

On multiple occasions, international companies have engaged Seatex to be their domestic manufacturer of specialty chemicals:

Serving a Secondary Manufacturer

A long standing customer was looking to diversify their supply chain for a large-volume reactionary product, one that required advanced technical capability.

Once the chemistry had been jointly reviewed and capital approved, we secured the necessary equipment and scaled to production batches in less than three months.

We Are Specialty Chemical Manufacturers

From ammonia to xylene and everything in between, Seatex rises to the challenge to produce the specialized chemicals your industry runs on. We can perform molecular change reactions, heating and cooling, scrubbing and gas-off, and more. 

How Our Process Ensures Premium Quality

Sourcing and buying symbols

Selective Sourcing

We secure material from your approved sources or sources we know will give you the highest quality final product.


Chemical testing in test tube

Rigorous Testing

We perform QA/QC checks on everything to assure final product integrity and that the product works for you.

Precise measurement weights and ruler

Technological Precision

Load cells on every blender guarantee materials are added exactly as required.

Document pile

Thorough Documentation

We keep a careful record of each step, including batch coding and retention of samples and formulations, with strict confidentiality.

Get in Touch with Our Industry Experts

John Fries Sr. image

John Fries Sr.

Turn-Key and Toll Manufacturing for the Agriculture, Energy, and Specialty Chemical Markets

John Fries Sr.

Turn-Key and Toll Manufacturing for the Agriculture, Energy, and Specialty Chemical Markets

Eric Eby image

Eric Eby

Toll Manufacturing, Contract Packaging, Specialty Chemicals

Eric Eby

Toll Manufacturing, Contract Packaging, Specialty Chemicals

Core Services

Reactions image


Seatex can handle your atmospheric reactions including Endothermic, Exothermic, Ammonization, Condensation, and many others.

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Custom Manufacturing image

Custom Manufacturing

Seatex’s custom formulation and manufacturing processes utilize a diverse set of equipment, configured in such a way that we can customize a manufacturing process to fit your requirements.

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Liquid Blending image

Liquid Blending

From Hazardous to Non-Haz, Seatex has the capability to handle more than 100,000 gallons a day of custom blends, dispersions, suspensions, and packaging.

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Dry Blending image

Dry Blending

With rigid standards and unmatched flexibility, Seatex offers precise dry blends with package sizes from pouches to bulk rail.

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Turnkey Chemical Services

Don’t make the mistake of paying to ship your chemicals north for formulation, and then back again. Our four locations in South Texas have immediate or adjacent access to rail, ship, and truck delivery options. Customers in our fellow Southern states such as Tennessee, Oklahoma, Louisiana, and Arkansas can save time and money by using Seatex for the full life cycle of their agricultural products.

R&D Initial Manufacturing Product Development & Scale up Reactions Turnkey Chemical Services Custom Manufacturing Liquid Blending Dry Blending Grinding & Milling CORE SERVICES Quality Control & Assurance Custom Packaging Customer Service Shipment/Logistics F l e x i b i l i t y A d v a n c e d R e a c t i o n s a n d P r o c e s s e s S e a m l e s s T h i r d - p a r t y M a n a g e m e n t o f Y o u r C h e m i c a l B l e n d i n g N e e d s

Serving You at Multiple Strategic Locations

We’re proud to offer our customers service at multiple locations in South Texas, each with convenient access to both rail and shipping lines. We save companies significant costs by performing blending, packaging, and labeling all in-house, rather than paying to have these services done by third parties across the country.

Seatex Location Advantages

Accredited to ISO 9001:2015 and facilities certified to EPA, GMP, NSF, Kosher, and UL standards.

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Package, Label, Store, and Ship Any Way You Need

Whether you need us to warehouse your chemicals or get them where they need to be quickly, Seatex comes through. Our Rosenberg facility is served by on-site, on-demand railcar service, and our Rosenberg, Pasadena, and El Campo locations are within easy reach of the Port of Houston.

Looking for a hard to find package size? Seatex stocks a full spectrum of options that can be labeled here in-house with your design or ours.

  • Tanker Truck

  • Railcar

  • Tote

  • Drum

  • Pail

  • Gallon

  • Quart

  • Jar

  • Boxes

  • Bulk Sacks

  • Bottle

  • Bag

  • Zip Lock Bag

  • Pouch

  • Zip Lock Pouch

Rigorous QA and QC Protocols at Every Stage

Seatex’s Quality Assurance and Quality Control protocols ensure accuracy and reproducibility in your products, help you meet or exceed regulatory standards, and protect your brand. We are ISO 911:2015 and GMP certified with a full-time Quality Specialist on staff.

For us, QA and QC are the nuts and bolts of how we deliver excellent products, each and every time, just as we promised, with the data and reports to back it up.

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Trade Association Memberships

  • ISSA
  • Specialty & Agro
  • Inform Ex
  • ACIT
  • AADE


  • ISO 9001-2015
  • EPA
  • NSF.
  • K Start
  • UL
  • FDA
  • GMP
  • Chem Stewards