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Specialty Chemicals Manufacturing

Complex formulations with specific industrial applications call for equally exacting manufacturing. 

Seatex, with strategic locations near Houston, Texas, is up to the task of developing your most demanding chemicals, whether they utilize hazardous materials or involve sophisticated processes. We perform custom chemical blending that meets any and all specialty chemical requirements, including:

  • Custom particle sizes to as small as 10 microns
  • Distribution through advanced milling techniques
  • Solid/liquid incorporations
  • Complete molecular change

Whether your specialty product requires liquid blending, dry blending, grinding and milling, or a customized process, Seatex offers a wide range of chemical manufacturing services backed by over 50 years of experience.

How Seatex Meets Your Specialty Chemical Needs

We Handle Even the Toughest Custom Chemical Requirements

Heated Products

For any performance product that requires the addition of heat to achieve your goal, our facilities can accommodate atmospheric reactions up to 400 degrees. In our jacketed tanks and heated shakers, we can use any combination of heating and cooling to reach the right temperature profile for your blended or reacted products.

Flammable Materials

Whether you need to lower a formulation’s freezing point without watering it down, or you need a solvent to allow for pumping a product, a flammable additive such as ethanol is often the best option. With our brand new flammable blending facility, our ability to safely and cost-effectively handle BTEX (benzene, toluene, ethylbenzene, xylene) and other hazardous materials is second to none.

Molecular Change Reactions

As a one-stop-shop chemical manufacturer, we handle true specialty chemistry just as readily as simple mixing. When your formulation’s specs call for complex science, we have the tools and the expertise to produce singular compounds while managing their unique reactions and necessary environments. 

Learn more about our Custom Synthesis Reactions work

Scrubbing and Gas-off

Government bodies and consumers alike demand chemical products that are environmentally friendly, both in their production and their application. In our processes, we effectively scrub VOCs and other unwanted byproducts through negative pressure space inside our tanks. We commonly neutralize ammonia, although we are able to scrub many different types of harmful or unwanted gases that may be generated during molecular changes.

Specialty Chemicals We Work With

These are some of the demanding chemicals we are able to process:


Core Services

Reactions image


Seatex can handle your atmospheric reactions including Endothermic, Exothermic, Ammonization, Condensation, and many others.

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Custom Manufacturing image

Custom Manufacturing

Seatex’s custom formulation and manufacturing processes utilize a diverse set of equipment, configured in such a way that we can customize a manufacturing process to fit your requirements.

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Liquid Blending image

Liquid Blending

From Hazardous to Non-Haz, Seatex has the capability to handle more than 100,000 gallons a day of custom blends, dispersions, suspensions, and packaging.

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Dry Blending image

Dry Blending

With rigid standards and unmatched flexibility, Seatex offers precise dry blends with package sizes from pouches to bulk rail.

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Turnkey Chemical Services

Working with Seatex gives you the peace of mind that comes from knowing your chemical blender has more than half a century of experience in the industry. We have the expertise to show for all those years of successful projects, as well as the cutting-edge equipment to match.

You’ll be hard-pressed to find another blender able to handle both low- and high-volume blends, hazardous compounds, complex reactions, and more, as well as simplify your supply chain through storage, packaging, and transportation solutions.

R&D Initial Manufacturing Product Development & Scale up Reactions Turnkey Chemical Services Custom Manufacturing Liquid Blending Dry Blending Grinding & Milling CORE SERVICES Quality Control & Assurance Custom Packaging Customer Service Shipment/Logistics F l e x i b i l i t y A d v a n c e d R e a c t i o n s a n d P r o c e s s e s S e a m l e s s T h i r d - p a r t y M a n a g e m e n t o f Y o u r C h e m i c a l B l e n d i n g N e e d s

Package, Label, Store, and Ship Any Way You Need

Whether you need us to warehouse your chemicals or get them where they need to be quickly, Seatex comes through. Our Rosenberg facility is served by on-site, on-demand railcar service, and both our Rosenberg and El Campo locations are within easy reach of the Port of Houston.

Looking for a hard to find package size? Seatex stocks a full spectrum of options that can be labeled here in-house with your design or ours.

  • Tanker Truck

  • Railcar

  • Tote

  • Drum

  • Pail

  • Gallon

  • Quart

  • Jar

  • Boxes

  • Bulk Sacks

  • Bottle

  • Bag

  • Zip Lock Bag

  • Pouch

  • Zip Lock Pouch

Industries We Serve

Industrial image


Seatex is able to deliver industrial chemicals of any complexity, ranging from simple compounds to dangerous formulations, such as flammable or toxic materials.

Oil & Gas image

Oil & Gas

Headquartered in the heart of energy country, we are seasoned producers of fluids and additives for drilling and completion tasks.

Cleaning image


We’ve handled virtually all household cleaning products, from hand care to floor care, laundry to restroom cleaners and everything in between.

Agriculture image


Our formulations are employed by farmers and food producers in their nutritional, crop protection, and specialty applications.

Rigorous QA and QC Protocols at Every Stage

Seatex’s Quality Assurance and Quality Control protocols ensure accuracy and reproducibility in your products, help you meet or exceed regulatory standards, and protect your brand. We are ISO 911:2015 and GMP certified with a full-time Quality Specialist on staff.

For us, QA and QC are the nuts and bolts of how we deliver excellent products, each and every time, just as we promised, with the data and reports to back it up.

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Trade Association Memberships

  • ISSA
  • Specialty & Agro
  • Inform Ex
  • ACIT
  • AADE


  • ISO 9001-2015
  • EPA
  • NSF.
  • K Start
  • UL
  • FDA
  • GMP
  • Chem Stewards