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Seatex Is a GMP Certified Chemical Manufacturer

GMP, or Good Manufacturing Practice, is a set of guidelines that helps ensure a manufacturer’s products are produced utilizing the highest industry standards.

Whether you’re purchasing one of our hand sanitizers or other in-house formulations, or contracting with us to manufacture a custom formulation, our goal is to deliver quality products that work optimally, are uncontaminated, protect the environment, and uphold your brand.

Our GMP certification is just another assurance that we have what it takes.


Seatex’s GMP certification is a Chemical GMP certification. This means that we are certified as having good manufacturing practices in the production of chemicals, but it doesn’t include food or human consumption products, which are covered under the cGMP (Current Good Manufacturing Practice) certification. Although cGMP and GMP are often used interchangeably, they are not the same. 

The GMP Audit Checklist

Quality Systems

As the name implies, this category explores the strategies a manufacturer has in place to guarantee quality throughout the organization. Although the details of these systems will be unique to each company, they must be codified in writing, strictly followed, and carefully tracked and reported. This includes…

Grounds, Building, and Equipment

“Good” manufacturing is much more likely to happen in an environment that is well-kept and free of potential contaminants. This includes checking…

Pest Control

Pests are naturally drawn to manufacturing and processing plants, so every reputable audit will dedicate time to investigating what a company is doing to keep out bugs and rodents. An audit could test whether a manufacturer…

Employee Practices

How committed a manufacturer’s team members are to their hygiene habits can have a direct impact on quality, as well as be a strong indicator of whether you should trust that company with your business. An audit may check that employees…

Receiving, Storage, and Shipping

A typical chemical manufacturer has raw materials and finished products moving in and out constantly. Even so, quality needs to be assured at all times, from start to finish. An audit may check…

Plant Sanitation

An audit may examine whether…


You can’t have good manufacturing practice without certifying the actual manufacturing. An audit certifies that…

GMP vs ISO Certification

ISO 2009:2015 certified company badge
GMP certification is quite similar to another certification that Seatex is proud to maintain: ISO 9001:2015. The ISO 9001 is an international standard that attests that a manufacturer has developed and deploys a quality management system (QMS) that helps it meet customers’ expectations. Like GMP certification, ISO certification requires intensive documentation and an audit by an independent third party. Although ISO certification isn’t mandatory in the way that GMP certification helps us stay FDA compliant, we maintain it as yet another way to demonstrate to our customers our commitment to exceptional quality.

Turnkey Chemical Services

We bring our expertise to bear at every stage of your molecule’s life, simplifying your supply chain and giving you one point of contact. Everything we touch is backed by our dedication to our customers and our commitment to operating with integrity at all times.

R&D Initial Manufacturing Product Development & Scale up Reactions Turnkey Chemical Services Custom Manufacturing Liquid Blending Dry Blending Grinding & Milling CORE SERVICES Quality Control & Assurance Custom Packaging Customer Service Shipment/Logistics F l e x i b i l i t y A d v a n c e d R e a c t i o n s a n d P r o c e s s e s S e a m l e s s T h i r d - p a r t y M a n a g e m e n t o f Y o u r C h e m i c a l B l e n d i n g N e e d s

Core Services

Reactions image


Seatex can handle your atmospheric reactions including Endothermic, Exothermic, Ammonization, Condensation, and many others.

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Custom Manufacturing image

Custom Manufacturing

Seatex’s custom formulation and manufacturing processes utilize a diverse set of equipment, configured in such a way that we can customize a manufacturing process to fit your requirements.

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Liquid Blending image

Liquid Blending

From Hazardous to Non-Haz, Seatex has the capability to handle more than 100,000 gallons a day of custom blends, dispersions, suspensions, and packaging.

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Dry Blending image

Dry Blending

With rigid standards and unmatched flexibility, Seatex offers precise dry blends with package sizes from pouches to bulk rail.

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Industries We Serve

Specialty Chemical image

Specialty Chemical

Seatex boasts the physical assets and mechanical capabilities to handle the toughest R&D and manufacturing challenges industrial companies face.

Energy image


Headquartered in the heart of energy country, we are seasoned producers of fluids and additives for drilling and completion tasks.

Cleaning image


We’ve handled virtually all household cleaning products, from hand care to floor care, laundry to restroom cleaners and everything in between.

Agriculture image


Our formulations are employed by farmers and food producers in their nutritional, crop protection, and specialty applications.

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Trade Association Memberships

  • ISSA
  • Specialty & Agro
  • Inform Ex
  • ACIT
  • AADE


  • ISO 9001-2015
  • EPA
  • NSF.
  • K Start
  • UL
  • FDA
  • GMP
  • Chem Stewards