Seatex welcomes ChemQuest to our family! Read more about the acquisition and our expanded operations.

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ChemQuest Chemicals Acquisition Takes Seatex to a New Level of Strength

Bigger is better when it comes to chemical manufacturing–the more equipment a company has, and the bigger diversity of processes and reactions, the more likely it is to be able to manufacture and package the products you want in the batch sizes you need.

That’s why here at Seatex, we’re excited to say we’ve expanded our operations dramatically, thanks to the recent acquisition of ChemQuest Chemicals, LLC. 

This combination makes Seatex a much larger company in virtually all respects that’s better able to serve our customers. 

Whether you’re a long-time Seatex or ChemQuest client or a new customer, we want to (re)introduce ourselves and explain how our turnkey chemical services experience just got even better.

ChemQuest, a Seatex Company

We announced the ChemQuest acquisition in early September, 2022. Although the agreement was the result of months of planning behind the scenes, from our customers’ perspective, Seatex’s chemical manufacturing capabilities ballooned “overnight.” 

ChemQuest represented such a good fit for the Seatex family because, like us, they are a chemical company with…

Seatex’s Expanded Capabilities

As returning customers will know, Seatex is where companies go for solutions at every stage of a chemical’s life. We handle everything from production to supply chain while moving chemical products from R&D to scale-up and large-scale manufacturing. 

Until now, we’ve served customers at three convenient facilities in South Texas across more than half a million square feet of manufacturing and laboratory space.

Expansion by the Numbers

gal. production capacity
production vessels
sq ft of warehouse space
Texas locations

With ChemQuest under our umbrella, all our services will be enhanced, while some select capabilities we will be able to offer for the first time: 

An Expanded Reactions List

Quaternary ammonium reactions and chemistries

New High-shear Vessel Blending

ChemQuest’s high-shear technology and expertise give Seatex the ability to create suspensions, emulsions, slurries, dispersions, lyosols, and granular products with even the most stubborn ingredients, quickly and effectively. This includes:

Additional, Convenient Manufacturing Space

The addition of ChemQuest’s 200,000-square-foot Pasadena facility to the Seatex portfolio ups our manufacturing area by nearly 40 percent. 

The location on the east side of Houston–lying just 3 miles from the Port of Houston–gives us even more access to International shipping lanes while being only a one-hour drive from Seatex headquarters. 

Seatex’s newest location in Pasadena also boasts a new flammable manufacturing facility that includes:

Enhanced Chemical Expertise

Joining our already accomplished Seatex team will be the ChemQuest team. 

Their experience in the chemical industry will help us add to our knowledge base and continue to add value to our customers’ chemical manufacturing operations.

Experience the Improvement for Yourself

There’s never been a better time to entrust your chemical needs to Seatex. 

We invite you to contact us today to take advantage of our new capabilities, backed by the premium quality and dedicated customer service we’ve come to be known for.

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