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Quality Assurance & Quality Control at Seatex

Many companies throw around the terms “quality assurance” and “quality control” without devoting much effort to either. For us at Seatex, we pride ourselves on delivering products exactly as promised, and applying rigorous QA and QC protocols across each of our service offerings is how we’ve consistently done so over more than half a century in business. 

By teaming with us, our exceptional quality management enables you to:

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Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance incorporates everything that we do as a chemical manufacturer to ensure top quality at every stage of a product’s life.

Our Quality Management System is crucial to our QA efforts and is implemented by our full-time Quality Specialist and ISO Coordinator who reports directly to our CEO. This position is designed solely to be a customer advocate internally to ensure Seatex follows the process every time. They migrate across all departments to verify process alignment among each team, and observe, record, report, and resolve any nonconforming practices. 

Here is what QA involves at each of the major stages of a product’s life at Seatex:

Lab Services

At this stage, our primary focus is making sure we’re aligned with your expectations. Our mission is to translate your need into a standardized format that we have the capacity to realize. Our degreed chemists and QA manager are tasked with this responsibility. They ensure that we have the best information, the best materials, the right specifications, and that our process can be successfully reproduced on a larger scale.


At the manufacturing stage, our detailed SOPs (standard operating procedures) form the backbone of our QA regimen. They help us assure qualities in your product such as material characteristics, material composition, and material attributes, down to the molecular level. 

Our SOPs are continually tweaked and optimized based on feedback from stakeholders, whether it’s you, a regulatory body, or our team finding a way to make the product just a little bit better. In addition, by consistently following these guidelines, we’re able to quickly garner a thorough understanding of whether we can handle your project, saving you valuable time.

ISO 9001 Seatex is ISO 9001:2015 verified, which is an international standard for certifying a company’s quality management system. To earn the certification, and keep it current, a company must demonstrate the ability to achieve customer satisfaction and organizational efficiency through standardized processes. In short, it’s an independent third party’s endorsement of our QA protocols. 

Good Manufacturing Practice
Seatex also holds a Chemical GMP Certification, which stands for Good Manufacturing Practice. This means that a third-party auditor has reviewed our protocols and performed on-site inspections of our facilities to ensure our products are manufactured according to industry best practices and regulatory guidelines. 

Learn more about GMP at Seatex


Our dedicated filling team is charged with taking a manufactured product and making it ready to put in the hands of your customers. QA here involves ensuring consistency, integrity, and visual appeal from one unit to the next, including:

Quality Control

To us, QC is defined as the way we make sure that we deliver exactly what we said we were going to deliver, with the proof to back it up. We conduct numerous tests and generate hundreds of certificates every day verifying various product qualities and characteristics as formulations move through the manufacturing process.

Here’s how quality control looks during the three major stages:

Lab Services

In-depth quality control safeguards our labs’ ability to function properly, keeps them operating efficiently, and assures they produce reliable test results. Our degreed chemists routinely perform independent checks of our production processes to verify we are delivering the expected results and certifying those results for your records.

Testing Innovation

Even if we’ve never manufactured a product before, Seatex can develop a test for virtually any product to determine if we can handle it from both a chemistry and a process standpoint.


Quality Control is most visible and most crucial at the manufacturing stage. It’s the close monitoring and testing of products on the production floor to catch any errors or defects before they leave our facility, as well as affirming that our SOPs have been strictly followed. Assessments during this stage allow us to certify a wide range of desired product characteristics and include:


To learn more, explore our Chemical Testing and Analysis Services.


Before we sign off on a product for transportation, our production team performs QC checks to verify your products conform to your standards and have been packaged to perform optimally once in the hands of the end user. There must be consistency of output and certification that all SOPs have been followed. Package features such as seams, closures, relief valves, and induction seals are tested for integrity and any failures corrected.

Turnkey Chemical Services

We bring our expertise to bear at every stage of your molecule’s life, simplifying your supply chain and giving you one point of contact. Everything we touch is backed by our dedication to our customers and our commitment to operating with integrity at all times.

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Core Services

Reactions image


Seatex can handle your atmospheric reactions including Endothermic, Exothermic, Ammonization, Condensation, and many others.

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Custom Manufacturing image

Custom Manufacturing

Seatex’s custom formulation and manufacturing processes utilize a diverse set of equipment, configured in such a way that we can customize a manufacturing process to fit your requirements.

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Liquid Blending image

Liquid Blending

From Hazardous to Non-Haz, Seatex has the capability to handle more than 100,000 gallons a day of custom blends, dispersions, suspensions, and packaging.

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Dry Blending image

Dry Blending

With rigid standards and unmatched flexibility, Seatex offers precise dry blends with package sizes from pouches to bulk rail.

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Industries We Serve

Specialty Chemical image

Specialty Chemical

Seatex boasts the physical assets and mechanical capabilities to handle the toughest R&D and manufacturing challenges industrial companies face.

Energy image


Headquartered in the heart of energy country, we are seasoned producers of fluids and additives for drilling and completion tasks.

Cleaning image


We’ve handled virtually all household cleaning products, from hand care to floor care, laundry to restroom cleaners and everything in between.

Agriculture image


Our formulations are employed by farmers and food producers in their nutritional, crop protection, and specialty applications.

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