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Synthesis Reactions

Seatex is not your typical chemical blending company. Our experienced team is able to leverage our assets to scale up and deliver both large and small scale reaction chemistry for customers ranging in size from local enterprises to Fortune 500 corporations.

We have the capabilities to handle multi-step molecular synthesis of any batch size, from grams to tons, including:

  • Proof of Concept
  • Scale-up Processing
  • Initial Batch
  • Commercial Quantities

We’ve invested heavily in technology and people to create a proven track record in the industry. No other manufacturer will be able to bring a new product to market as efficiently or cost-effectively as Seatex.

Discover the Seatex Difference

  • 1
    No Middlemen
  • 2
    Reduced total cost of ownership
  • 3
    Bring molecules from lab scale to rail car quantities

Extensive Capacity for
Complex Reactions

Trust us to successfully produce your reactions. We’re able to manufacture a wide arrange of atmospheric reactions that require heating, cooling, in situ grinding and/or require other assets in the production of your products.

Our facilities have 8 vessels ranging from 300 – 6,000 gallons that have significant capabilities for synthetic reactions:

  • 100 psi steam and 100 tons of chilling that allow for precise temperature control so we can maintain a specific profile
  • Temperatures up to 400 degrees F
  • Scrubbing capabilities for neutralizing any off gases

Our processes include


Seatex has the ability to work with both Aqua and Anhydrous Ammonia to create nitrogen-based compounds, amino acids, hydrazine, ammonium perchlorate, and more.


We can make your condensation reaction.

Endothermic/ Exothermic

With their advanced temperature control capabilities, our tanks can handle both endothermic and exothermic reactions.

...and hundreds of other reactions.

Turnkey Chemical Services

We bring our expertise to bear at every stage of your molecule’s life, simplifying your supply chain and giving you one point of contact. Everything we touch is backed by our dedication to our customers and our commitment to operating with integrity at all times.

R&D Initial Manufacturing Product Development & Scale up Reactions Turnkey Chemical Services Custom Manufacturing Liquid Blending Dry Blending Grinding & Milling CORE SERVICES Quality Control & Assurance Custom Packaging Customer Service Shipment/Logistics F l e x i b i l i t y A d v a n c e d R e a c t i o n s a n d P r o c e s s e s S e a m l e s s T h i r d - p a r t y M a n a g e m e n t o f Y o u r C h e m i c a l B l e n d i n g N e e d s

Case Studies

Case Study 1

For more than 50 years, one of our customers had been forced to manufacture its products by having the reactionary process completed at one facility, then shipped to another facility for blending then onto another facility for final packaging. They were shocked to find out that Seatex was able to do all of it in a single pass.

We were able to serve as a one stop shop for the customer, performing everything in-house, including packaging and shipping. This added significant value to the customer by streamlining the logistics and reducing the total cost of ownership of their products.

Case Study 2

One of our customers had created a new-to-the-world molecule and needed to take it from the lab scale to the railcar scale. After confirming in our lab that we could successfully recreate the molecule with our assets, we ran it through progressively larger blenders to ultimately produce 10,000 gallons at a time.

Package, Label, Store, and Ship Any Way You Need

Whether you need us to warehouse your chemicals or get them where they need to be quickly, Seatex comes through. Our Rosenberg facility is served by on-site, on-demand railcar service, and both our Rosenberg and El Campo locations are within easy reach of the Port of Houston.

Looking for a hard to find package size? Seatex stocks a full spectrum of options that can be labeled here in-house with your design or ours.

  • Tanker Truck

  • Railcar

  • Tote

  • Drum

  • Pail

  • Gallon

  • Quart

  • Jar

  • Boxes

  • Bulk Sacks

  • Bottle

  • Bag

  • Zip Lock Bag

  • Pouch

  • Zip Lock Pouch

Industries We Serve

Cleaning image


We’ve handled virtually all household cleaning products, from hand care to floor care, laundry to restroom cleaners and everything in between.

Industrial image


Seatex is able to deliver industrial chemicals of any complexity, ranging from simple compounds to dangerous formulations, such as flammable or toxic materials.

Industrial Cleaning image

Industrial Cleaning

Seatex blends and compounds hold up to the toughest commercial uses and include acid, alkaline, solvent, and specialty products.

Oil & Gas image

Oil & Gas

Headquartered in the heart of energy country, we are seasoned producers of fluids and additives for drilling and completion tasks.

Rigorous QA and QC Protocols at Every Stage

Seatex’s Quality Assurance and Quality Control protocols ensure accuracy and reproducibility in your products, help you meet or exceed regulatory standards, and protect your brand. We are ISO 911:2015 and GMP certified with a full-time Quality Specialist on staff.

For us, QA and QC are the nuts and bolts of how we deliver excellent products, each and every time, just as we promised, with the data and reports to back it up.

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Trade Association Memberships

  • ISSA
  • Specialty & Agro
  • Inform Ex
  • ACIT
  • AADE


  • ISO 9001-2015
  • EPA
  • NSF.
  • K Start
  • UL
  • FDA
  • GMP